Monday, November 29, 2010

Cher's Burlesque or Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter; who fared better at the box office this weekend?

Numbers prove moviegoers opted for harmless fantasy over sexual fantasy

After Cher called the tea party members "f-ing nuts", referring to them as 'teabaggers' while pushing her movie, Burlesque, many people took offense at what she said.

Now that her movie debuted this weekend and only grossed $11.8 million, perhaps she realized she should not have made the derogatory remark.

Besides Cher's remark, something else may have kept moviegoers away from Burlesque.

Although given a rating of a PG 13 rating,
Common Sense Media onllyh approved Burlesque for kids 15+

They review Burlesque this way:

Sexy musical is forgettable despite talented stars.

Common Sense Media goes on to say this about Cher's film:

"Parents need to know that singers Cher and Christina Aguilera star in this fairly sexy musical, which has lots of suggestive dancing and skimpy costumes, as well as a scene with a naked male backside, some kissing, and some under-covers snuggling. There's also some swearing (including "s--t" and one use of "f--k") and drinking (including a scene in which a character drives under the influence)."

This begs the question:

What parent with any common sense would allow their 13-17 year old; go to see a movie with all of that garbage in it?

I saw one of Al Pacino's naked butt cheeks in the movie, Cruising, but it was Al Pacino first of all, and second of all, I was over 21 when I saw it. Even at that age, the subject matter was nothing I wanted to visualize again, in my adult life.

I could not tell you if I think that Christina Aguilera can sing or has any artistic talent at all, but somehow I think her singing is not the main focus Burlesque.

People called those who spoke out against Cher's 'teagabbers are f-ing nuts" remark, homophobic, racist, religious zealots, and even ignorant bigots.

I think the box office numbers of another movie this weekend, proves those accusations are dead wrong, and here is why:

The movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, released on the weekend of November 19, and grossed $$220 million so far.

The young man who brilliantly plays Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, is an atheist, is Jewish, supports Liberal Democrats, and is a gay rights activist speaking out against homophobia.

Additionally, Radcliffe is involved in several worthwhile charitable projects including, the filming of a public service announcement for The Trevor Project promoting awareness of gay teen suicide prevention.

If the same people who criticized Cher and refused to see her film because they were indeed homophobic, racist, religious zealots, or ignorant bigots, chances are excellent that they would not go to the movies to watch any of the Harry Potter movies, but the numbers say otherwise.

I believe that a movie geared toward the young fans of Christian Aguilera, should have more than sexy pole dancing and drunk drivers, for parents of teens to allow them to go and Burlesque.

I also think that adult fans of Cher who heard her say "teabaggers are f-ing nuts", refused to go see it themselves, for that reason, and no other, other than to choosing to see Harry Potter instead.

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